Josh Rutlege to Boston

In a move that is turning some heads, World Series hero Shane Victorino has been moved to the Halos in exchange for cash and Bees INF Josh Rutlege. 

This here is yet another attempt to fill that massive hole left by the project known as Josh Hamilton. 

Tim Federowicz’s Game Winning Shot..

Game three of the four game set against Will Middlebrooks and the El Paso Chihuahuas, had a couple things this baseball fan doesn’t see often in real life. The first thing was an Efren Navarro error at 1B. That….. That is just simply wrong. You know…. we all really should have known the game wasn’t going to end in the Bees’ favor when something like that happens. …I mean it was a can of corn style ground ball to first! Efren simply pulled up, the ball split his uprights and went into RF. Somewhere, some angel has lost his wings. ….No pun intended.. The guy has like a .995 fielding percentage at first.. This just doesn’t happen! I have a better chance of waking up tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet…..ok ok thats enough…. 

Get ‘em next time E! 

The other thing that is a rarity round these parts is a home run that finds the foul pole. This actually isn’t as weird as the first thing…..What actually made this colorful, were the fans I found myself sitting by.

The game was tied 3-3 in the top of the tenth. With two outs and rehabbing catcher Tim Federowicz at the plate, the ballpark was echoing with sounds of heckles from the group of fellas behind me. Since Federowicz was a two time strike out victim in his at bats prior, he was fresh meat.

“Just sit down!’ “You can’t even see the ball!” “Say hello to Double A!”

Then……. POP

A high fly ball deep to LF. I knew it was out of the park whether it was foul or not because left fielder Roger Kieschnick didn’t seem to lift a foot to go after the ball. Just as I thought Federowicz would have to circle around back to the box because of a foul.. CLANK. 

A 3 run home run off the foul pole. 

One of El Paso’s coaches, who was privy to the words yelled by the hecklers, turned halfway toward them and said “He sure saw that one!” 

Aside from ANOTHER Bees loss…… That was pretty cool. 

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